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Photography Drones

Allow individual to capture photos that previously could only be taken from helicopters or planes



Whether you’re using them for recreation, or to build an Aerial Service Business, it is important to know what kind of Camera Drone best fits your intended operation and budget to deside on the best option. This list of drone terminology below is an attempt to help you understand the common bullet points used on the more popular models we offer.


Common Drone Terminology


2.4 Gthz / 5.8 Ghtz


High frequency signals (within remote control distance) supporting the aircraft during ono-interference playing


2.4 Ghz (gigahertz) Spread

Mid-sized Drones, used by novice flyers with some experience. Many have cameras or a way to attach one.


5.8 Ghz (gigahertz) Spread

Used in hobby and professional grade RC drones. A live feed sent from a drone’s camera that provides better range and less lag, Very popular in Fpv racing and usually paired with a set of FPV Goggles.



: Global Positioning System that is used to track the position of an object in relation to the global Spatial plane. Track movement or hold position.

GPS picture sample


UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAS: Unmanned Aircraft System


FPV / FPV Camera / WiFi FPV


FPV: First Person View. means: The video stream is either viewed through a pair of special goggles, or to a device like a tablet or smartphone.
FPV Camera: A special camera used for FPV, first-person-view
WiFi FPV : Mostly found on cheaper drones, usually performed by a downloaded APP which you connect to in order to fetch the live feed. The signal is compatible with most Android/iOS smartphones and tablets.


WiFi control


Headless Mode


Regardless of the orientation of the craft or the way the front of the craft is pointed, it will follow your control stick movements.


Headless mode Drone

Brushless Motor


These motors have permanent magnets that rotate around a fixed armature, which eliminates any problems that could be associated with connecting current regarding a moving part. The brushless motors are much more efficient and hardy than brushed motors which brushes will require replacement due to wear and tear.

brushless motor picture

Track Flight


Track flight drone

Trajectory Flight


Just by laying a track on the mobile phone, the aircraft can transform itto fly along the specified route at the current altitude

Tragectory planning example

Trajectory flight illustration


Surround Shooting


With a simple setting on the mobile phone APP, and the aircraft surrounds the set center


Surround shooting example


Follow Me


Drones that follow are able to autonomously track you, without having to be piloted.


Camera follows automatically


Drone follow me mode sample

Return to Home


A GPS feature that returns the drone to the “home” position where it took off.


drone one key return function


One key Return


Hitting the /One Key Return / Return to Home (referred to as RTH) button will trigger your quadcopter drone to fly back to the take off position.


drone one key return function


One Key Start / Landing


one key start and landing


Hand Gesture Shooting


Camera Shooting done by using Hand Guestures


Hand gesture shooting

Dual Camera


Drone dual camera switching



Ultra Sonic Sensor


 This Sonic Sensor assists barometer to keep super stable altitude hold.


Ultrasonic sensor


Point of Interest


Set a specific building, object or position as your point of interest. With point of interest set, your drone will continuously circle clockwise around the present point.


Drone Point of interest

Waypoint Flight






JJRC X11 Drone | 5G WiFi | GPS | Night Flight Enable


$229.99 $288.99

Price may change without notice

View Details with Video


JJRC X11 5G WiFi GPS RC Drone. Brushless Motor. Optical Flow Positioning. Built-in Gyro. Ultra Sonic Sensor assists Barometer to keep super stable altitude hold. Night Flght enable. Two-way 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control. Camera,GPS location tracking, One Key Automatic Return, One Key Landing, One Key Taking Off, Sideward flight, Turn left/right, Up/down, With light. Product weight: 0.6400 kg.


BEAST SG906 | 4K | WiFi | GPS | One Key Take Off - Returm

BEAST SG906 aerial drone

$222.25 $285.99

Price may change without notice

View Details


Beast SG906 5G 4K WiFi Foldable FPV RC Drone. Forward/backward, Gesture Mode, GPS location tracking, One Key Automatic Return, One Key Taking Off, Sideward flight, Trajectory Memory, Turn left/right, Up/down, Waypoint Flight (iOS). GPS Return Home. Detailed Control Distance: About 800m. Camera Pixels: 1080P/4K. Flight time: about 23mins. GPS follow me: about 30m. Product weight: 0.5270 kg.


SG 700D | 4K | 5G WiFi | GPS | Wide Angle HD Camera


$68.99 $150.99

Price may change without notice

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SG 700D

SG700-D Foldable WiFi FPV RC Helicopter Quadcopter Drone with 4K 1080P HD Camera - 1080P Camera. Control distance: 100meters. Smart Follow feature, always lock main character of the screen. Automatic following. Three modes of control: Remote control, Palm control, and App control. Double HD camera. 4k Wide-Angle HD Camera. Breakthrough Height-fixing Technology. 9 Mins Flight duration. Dual camera switching.


JJRC X5 | 2K | 5G WiFi | GPS | Brushless Motor | One Key Return

JJRC X5 aerial drone

View Details with Video

$158.99 $205.50

Price may change without notice


JRC JJPRO X5 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone GPS Positioning Altitude Hold 2K Camera - Light Gray. Brushless motor for low noise, smooth running, and long service life. GPS positioning system. Altitude hold positioning system. Point of interesting flight sutomatically circle around that point.. Smart follow me mode. Headless mode. Safe flight: one key return, failure return to home, low voltage return to the home. Select Light Grey model to view Video.


YUE SG901 | 4K | 5G WiFi | GPS | Dual Camera | Anti Shake

YUE SG901 aerial drone

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$81.00 $158.99

Price may change without notice


YUE SG901 Foldable WIFI FPV RC Drone Quadcopter with 4K Ultra HD Camera . Flight time: About 16-18 mins. Control distance: 100 meters. Foldable, Altitude hold, Optical flow constant, Double camera, Wifi connect, APP control, Gesture photo and recording, Following me mode, Speed Control, Real-time transmission. Dual cameras switch shooting. Anti-shake aerial photography. Headless mode, One Ket return, One Key Start, Landing.


KF609 | 4K | WiFi | GPS | Dual Camera | Anti Shake

KF 609 drone

View Details

$49.99 $88.99

Price may change without notice


KF609 Folding Drone. Dual HD Ultra Clear Cameras. Folding size: 12.5*8.8*5.5cm. Smart Follow. Up, down, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, hover, left side flying, right side flying. One key takeoff, one key landing, one key emergency stop. Fast and slow gear, take photos, video, headless mode. WIFI real-time transmission, mobile phone control. Gesture video/photo. Optical Flow Fixed Height. Beginner Level. Remote control distance: 60 meters. Product weight: 0.1130 kg


SJRC F11 | 2K | 5G WiFi | GPS | Brushless Motor

SJRC F11 aerial drone

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$209.99 $238.95

Price may change without notice


SJRC F11 PRO GPS FPV RC Drone. Advanced 5G WiFi 2K HD Camera. GPS Assisted Flight provides accurate positioning details of your drone. 28 Mins Maximum Flight Time. Brushless Motor. The drone can automatically follows and captures you wherever you move. Optical Flow Positioning. Track and Recall the Drone. Just draw a Flight route on the screen, the copter will auto fly as per the given route.



Ninja 913 | 2K | 5G WiFi | GPS | Brushless Motor

Ninja 913 aerial drone

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$203.35 $233.95

Price may change without notice

Ninja 913

Ninja 913 GPS Brushless RC Drone Quadcopter with 1080 HD Lens. One-button take-off, one-button return, lost return, low voltage protection, flight mode, safe mode. Maximum flight altitude: 4000. Remote control distance: 300m. Takeoff weight: 209g. File format: JPG / MP4. Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 30fps. One click return. Real time transmission. Will automatically return after losing contact.


E99 PRO | 4K HD Aerial Pixel | WiFi | GPS

E99 Pro aerial drone

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$39.99 $57.99

Price may change without notice


Ninja 913 Quadcopter with Dual cameras, 4K Movie Lens, 50x Zoom. Intelligent fixed height transmission, Gesture photo/video, trajectory flight. Real-time image return, high-definition aerial photography, wifi mobile phone control. One key to take off and land, one key to return. Beginner Level. Flight time: about 20 minutes. Remote control distance: about 100 meters. WIFI image transmission distance: about 100 meters. Battery: 1800mAh.



S177 | 4K HD Wide Angle Camera | GPS

E99 Pro aerial drone

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$103.99 $252.99

Price may change without notice

S177 Creation Kerry

S177 GPS Aerial Drone. 4K HD wide-angle camera. Fly high, shoot far. Phone control. Out of control/low power return. 20 minutes battery life. 500 meters remote control distance. Out of control/low power return makes the flight more secure. Strong wind level 7 / flying at sea. Smart follow. Automatically maintain a distance of 3-6 meters. Perform a 360° orbit. Dual Switching Aerial Camera Preventing Loss Of GPS. Feel the high altitude experience.


DUAL CAMERA | 4K HD | GPS | One Key Auto Return

Dual camera 4K HD aerial drone

View Details

$90.90 $125.99

Price may change without notice


Dual camera switch shooting, 4K pixel ESC cam clearly present every detail. 4K pixels + self-stabilizing gimbal. Remote control of self-stabilizing electronic anti-shake gimbal. GPS satellite positioning technology, lock GPS for positioning, no matter where the plane flies, it can accurately return to the starting point, refuse to lose contact, and easy operation. 3000m remote control distance. Optical flow positioning with air pressure fixation + GPS, very stable. Auto follow shooting.One key automatic return. 25 minutes long battery life. Beginner level.


DJI MAVIC AIR | 4K HD | Max Flying Distance 10KM


View Details with Video

$1,713.20 $1.915.99

Price may change without notice


The Mavic Air uses 3D fold design with smaller size and stronger performance. With 3-axis gimbal, it can shoot 4K super HD videos. Slow Motion Video: takes videos at 1080p/120fps, capturing every detail clearly. The new One Key Spherical Panorama Shoot mode, Hand Gesture Control mode, and Auto Following mode, Max flying distance: 10km. Up to 21 minutes max fly time. One Key Short Film modes enable you to look for more photography creativity.


DJI MAVIC PRO | 4K UHD | Max Flying Distance 10KM


View Details with Video

$1,719.52 $1.998.99

Price may change without notice


The MavicPro Platinum features a sleek design and compact body that make it both powerful and alluring. The new and improved 60% noice reduction makes the Mavic Pro Platinum DKI's best portable drone yet.  The newly designed 8331 quick-release folding propeller and the latest FOC sinusoidal driver ESC make the aircraft much more aerodynamic, power-efficient. The flight time has been extended to 30 minutes, which means half an hour's fun of flying at a high speed, and shooting smooth 4K UHD videos within 7km control range.


MJX B4W | 4K HD | 5G WiFi | Brushless

MJX B4W aerial drone

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$326.33 $388.99

Price may change without notice


The built-in optical flow sensor that gets the real-time optical flow information and makes integrating computations. Ultrasonic sensor assists a barometer to keep a super stable altitude hold. MT2204 1400KV brushless motor, the most cost brushless motor among the brushless motor lines. Maximum upward lift 230g. Up / down, forward / backward, turn left / right, sideward flight, GPS positioning, headless mode, one key return, follow me. Max Flying Time: 20mins. R/C Distance: About 1.6km.






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